Geek Typique

Geek Gourmet

Hi. I'm Paul. I'd love to be able to talk at length but, like most of us geeks, I find the demands on my time so strenuous that it's tough to find a free moment. While the lifestyle has its rewards, of course, it's hard to find time for all the things we're asked to do.

Still, there are few things I enjoy more than dining on chateaubriand and a fine Medoc while sorting out a tricky thread synchronisation problem. I'm sure you're no different. The delicate flavours of the wine are a perfect complement to the intricacies of mutual exclusion. However, the fully-prepared geek must be able to find the right match for all sorts of technical circumstances. I list some of my favourites here.

User Interface development
Champagne. Light and bubbly. I'd recommend Piper-Heidsieck Brut 1988.
Database optimisation
Claret, clearly. Chateau Latour would be a good choice, obviously, although Chateau Lafleur may have the edge for OODBs.
Decoding wireless network protocols
Ketel One martini, up with a twist. Some prefer Stoli, of course, but I find that the smoothness of the Ketel One mixes better with poring over those hex protocol dumps.
Dynamic DLL interposition
Guiness. Dark and mysterious.
UNIX kernel scheduler patches.
This is clearly the sort of job that calls for whisky. My own preference is for Islay malts, particularly Lagavulin, although others sharing the same character, such as Talisker, Jura or perhaps Springbank, are clearly in the running. It depends on the version of UNIX under consideration.
NT pluggable filesystem implementation.
I'm afraid our tastes are clearly too different for me to recommend anything (other than a re-evaluation of your priorities).

If you have any contributions, please let me know.