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Kaldus cafe simulation Web page

Isn't it lovely?

I used to hang out there all the time. Peaceful, relaxing; just the right kind of music, just the right brand of chai mix. I'd wear my dark sunglasses, and hide my laptop behind a magazine so as not to be noticed.

But then: AOL. The Web became popular. I got recognized. Before I knew it, I'd be stopping between every line of code to sign autographs. I had to run for cover.

So a few friends and I got together, and recreated Kaldus. What you will enter, if you click on the image to the left, is a simulation. Order something to eat, something to drink (it's on the house!) and make yourself comfortable. Enjoy the atmosphere. Join in the conversation. It's all software-generated, and always here when you need it. Bon Appetit!