Geek Photogénique

The Calendar

Here it is at last! The long-awaited, much anticipated, and greatly mooned-over Geek Chic Pin-Up Calendar! And Geek Chic wants you to be in it!

Now, I know as a geek you already get way more attention from the opposite sex than you can handle. But this is for a good cause. How is the world ever going to understand what lies behind the fascinating and mesmerizing mystique of the technical professional if we refuse to bare all? Here's all you have to do:

Send us a picture of yourself partially or fully nude (we will modify all photos received to a PG-13 rating if they do not already qualify, so you might as well keep those PARTS covered.) Include a code sample and a resume (because geek beauty is not merely skin deep!) and a signed statement of your permission for us to use the photo. Your name, address, etc. will be kept confidential, but an email address or WWW URL can be attached upon your request. If you are interested, please inquire by email. When we have received 12 worthy photos, we will convert the set into a downloadable calendar. For a sample of the style in which you will be presented, check out our preview pics: